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About Us

Custom EDM LLC

Custom EDM LLC specializes in the Design and Construction of complex Tooling and Production projects with a focus of utilizing all aspects of modern Electric Discharge Machining (EDM). We are a complete machine shop with full capabilities from manual machines for one off & prototype work, to full CNC capabilities, precision grinding, as well as our complete complement of Wire and Sinker EDM machines to accomplish virtually any tooling, design, or production project.

We have continuously added equipment, capacity, and capabilities to expand our Design, Tooling Manufacturing, and Production capabilities. Now, more than ever, Custom EDM is able to assist our customers with their simple or complex projects and continue to efficiently serve them on an individual basis. Weather you have a Design or Tooling project, simple or complex production application requiring specialized tooling used in the production application, or need an EDM process to be used as a value added resource to your current Manufacturing process, we can help.

We strive to maintain a personal relationship with our customers and aim to continually improve our performance and services provided. We see ISO 9001:2008 certification as a natural continuation of our commitment to Customer focus and providing the best services possible. We have grown tremendously over our 40 years in knowledge and technology, and have maintained a skilled staff focused on implementing solutions to assist and satisfy our customers needs and desires. We have recently expanded into a modern 6000 sq. foot facility in the San Francisco Bay Area/Silicon Valley. Our list of satisfied customers include business in the semiconductor capital equipment, medical, energy, electronics, defense and aviation, among others industries.

Custom EDM LLC, founded in 1971 as Alpine Tool & Manufacturing is a small family owned and operated business focused on our ability to cater to the individual needs of our customers. The demand was clear to senior management in the early 1980's for EDM equipment as a standard fixture in a modern facility. In order to best serve our customers, Custom EDM became home to a full range of EDM machinery and the expertise essential to its operation. We have been building precision instruments throughout our 40 years.


2191 Williams Street, San Leandro, CA 94577
Phone: (510) 351-9600
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